BinStarter Evaluation Pool
The BinStarter protocol has developed a mining-style scoring system for evaluating projects. In this system, BSR holders of Level 4 and above can participate in the decision-making mechanism by voting on projects to be published on BinStarter.
How Does the Evaluation Pool Work?
The wallet numbers of BSR holders are subjected to a scoring system regarding the success or failure of the project they participated in the vote. This scoring works as follows: For a successful project;
BSR owner who voted yes: +1 point BSR holder who voted no: 0 points
To an unsuccessful project; BSR owner who voted yes: -2 points BSR holder voted no: +2 points
This scoring system is determined according to the price-tracking system we developed every month in a 3-month period starting from the start date of the project. Accordingly, a user who votes for a project receives 3 different points in total.
Each new project is voted at 70% by people with the highest scores and at 30% by those who have not participated in the project scoring before.
In order for a project to pass this evaluation pool, it must reach a minimum of 60% “Yes” votes.
Evaluation Pool Reward System
People in the evaluation pools are rewarded for their contribution to the decisions. This reward results in 10% of the burning amount being distributed to the voters according to their level of BSR;
Distribution of 10%
Level 4: 10%
How Can I Join an Evaluation Pool?
Level 4 and above BSR holders see a button to participate in their panel when a new project is announced. The first 100 people who click this button can be included in that project in the evaluation pool.
However, due to the scoring system, priority is given to people with a high score of 70%. 30% is made up of new people.
Users who qualify to participate in the evaluation pool will have 2 weeks to review the project. We have put together some instructions that should be reviewed for those who will participate in the evaluation pool for the first time. You can find these details on our website.
Users participating in the evaluation pool must make their own decisions apart from the instructions. Your decision will be subjected to a very important scoring system regarding whether or not you will be able to join this pool again in the future.
Therefore, we recommend that you do a detailed examination and carefully read the documents we prepared for the “Evaluation Pool.”