Introduction to BinStarter

First IDO Lauchpad with an Insurance Protocol

BinStarter was introduced as the first multi-chain IDO Platform with an Insurance Protocol in June 2021. Our platform offers transparent, fair and rewarding IDO investment opportunities to investors while providing start-up projects an all-in-one solution to get them launched successfully.

Today as a multi-chain platform we work with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Ethereum based crypto projects and help them to launch successfully with our growing partners ecosystem.

Together, we can build the future with confidence.

Why BinStarter?

We have an ecosystem that produces solutions to common dilemmas occuring in a rapidly evolving industry.

Unpleasant experiences in the sector can play a negative role in the development of the sector from time to time and hamper the current growth. At this point, BinStarter aims to adapt to change, support, and contribute by developing. Our main goal in this protocol developed with these principles; With its fast transaction, low transaction fee, and secured transaction, it offers users a

unique experience with the insurance protocol that we now call Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP)

BinStarter’s Vision

Startups can easily, quickly, and safely collect funds using the BinStarter protocol. Undoubtedly, BinStarter is a unique protocol in terms of the sectoral community, the development of the platform, the reduction of risks with EIP, and the rapid implementation of new projects.

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