The Road Map Will Be Updated In Q3 2021.
Q2 2021
Token Promotion, Sale BSR Pools (Flexible, Locked) Fixed Swap Staking Levels Community Formation
Q3 2021
Insurance Protocol Tests Evaluation Pool Min. 2 Project Launch and Sales
Q4 2021
Lottery Multi-Chain Fixed Swap Cover Pools Management Schemes The Beginning of the Management Model Initiating Community-Sponsored Voting
BinStarter Key Features
We have two different fixed swap pools; users can view these pools from the pages section of our home page
Secured Fixed Swap Pools: Within the scope of coverage, they are project pools that have received community approval. Your funds are guaranteed with smart contracts against possible risks.
Fixed Swap Pools: These are project pools that have received community approval but are not covered by the collateral.
Community approval: Evaluation Pool
Stake: It is used for BSR holders, level determinations, and APR award earnings. However, projects published on BinStarter for price stability and long-term success can integrate their own tokens into these pools.
Management: BSR, unlike many projects, is a decentralized project, fully dependent on community decisions. Decisions are made by the community on projects, additional features, new ideas, project reviews, and much more. We are working on the scoring and reward system in line with this administrative plan. You can see the basis of this structure as the “Evaluation Pool.”
Transaction Fees: The transaction fee is of great importance for vital issues such as project continuity, price stability, and continuity of periodic trade. At this point, the details (levels, awards, incentives, transaction fees) within the project are designed to fully protect these measures.
  1. 1.
    Transaction fee: Set at 2%. 1% goes directly to the burning and 1% to foundational reserve.
  2. 2.
    When the project owners use the collateral protocol, 50% of the collected fund is converted to BSR, 50% of this rate goes directly to burning. The total amount to be burned is planned to be 23% (23M) of the total supply
Staking Rewards for Pools: Token pools in Binstarter will be subject to a fixed fee paid by the pool creator. If a pool creator buys a coin worth 1,000 BUSD and the fee is fixed at 1%, 10 BUSD will be deducted from the purchase and added to the pool. Staking rewards will also be distributed over 24-hour cycles. If a user has 2% of the total staked BSR during this 24-hour cycle, that user will receive the equivalent of 2% of all staking rewards for this. If Binstarter generated 10,000 BUSD during this time in the same period, this user will receive 200 BUSD worth of BSR.
Collateral Awards: Successful project collaterals, when the risk factor disappears, the collateral amount allocated for the determined collateral pool is distributed, as shown below.
10% - Evaluation Pool 5% - Developer Awards 5% Foundational Reserve 30% - Pool Rewards 50% - Burning
Evaluation Pool: We can think of it as miners validating data; BSR holders that play an active role in issues such as project follow-up.
Developer Pool: The ecosystem is developing and getting better every day; with the decision of the community, the amounts accumulated in this pool will be distributed to the people who contribute to the project.
Pool Rewards: Collateral Rewards, pool rewards effect will be added at a daily rate of 3.33% for a total of 30 days (100%).
Burning Rewards: The amount that corresponds to 50% in terms of price stability will be burned at a daily rate of 3.33% in 30 days (100%) in total.