$BSR Features

Binstarter cryptocurrency is $BSR. BSR supply is limited to 100,000,000

What is $BSR?

The native token BSR is a utility token. Its Binance Smart Chain-powered BEP20 asset, as currency, allowing holders to stake it and earn incentivized rewards, or invest it in order to get guaranteed access to launchpad allocations from token sale events.

How Does the BinStarter IDO Launchpad Work?

The BinStarter Launchpad features an 8 level tier system based on $BSR holding requirements, ranked 1 to 8 from lowest to highest. The higher the tier, the more tokens are allocated in IDOs.

BinStarter Tier Levels

BSR holders are offered with high staking rewards and some project-based benefits. These benefits may positively effect your purchase amount in the project during IDO, depending on your level. However, all tiers are eligible to participate in IDOs with guaranteed allocation rights.

Your levels are determined by the number of BSRs. It’s so easy to make tier upgrades with our common pool system. Each level has a corresponding lock periods when you stake on BinStarter. By increasing staking BSR amount, users can easily switch to a higher tier without waiting for the unstake time. Lock periods for BinStarter Tiers are as follows.

Lock periods which can be seen on the above table for each tier level, starts to count down only when a user clicks on the unstake button. If a Tier-5 user decides to start the unstake process and clicks on the unstake button, the 60-day countdown timer will then start. When the 60 days are up, BSR becomes withdrawable. Users will continue to receive APR rewards during the unstaking process until the 60 days countdown is over.

However, those tokens in Pool 5 will no longer be added to the Tier calculation for IDO allocations once the unstaking process starts. When the unstake counter is reset, the stake income will automatically stop.

If a user changes his mind and wants to join an IDO after initiating an unstake, he can cancel the unstake process and reset the duration.

Guaranteed IDO Allocations

BinStarter Tier System is put together to provide benefits to BSR token holders so that they may support the IDO projects of their choice while obtaining rewards or earn interest when staking BSR or participating in yield farming. All tier level guarantees access to IDO pools and the higher the tier level, the higher IDO pool you will be allowed to participate in.

How is Allocation Calculated?

Allocation is tier-based and is calculated using a formula that assigns a specific pool weight to each tier. The number of participants in each tier is multiplied by its assigned pool weight, determining the number of pool shares for each tier. The total allocation amount is then divided by the total pool shares

(all tiers combined) to determine allocation per pool share. This provides the total allocation per tier, based on each tier’s number of pool shares. The allocation for each tier is then divided by each tier’s respective number of participants to determine allocation per wallet in each tier.

Participating in IDOs

Anyone can qualify participating in IDOs by simply purchasing $BSR and start either Staking/Farming or participating in both activities on BinStarter.

  • Purchase $BSR tokens

Participants need to acquire BSR tokens based on the minimum qualification requirements for the tier of their choice. BSR tokens can be purchased on Pancakeswap and ApeSwap.

Minimum $BSR requirements for Tiers and pool weights are as follow:

  • Staking $BSR tokens

Tokens must be staked on the BinStarter staking dashboard.

BinStarter staking platform benefits BSR token holders with a fairly high APY. Our advance staking dashboard provides a streamline staking process and a transparent information flow where you will have access to everything there is to know about BinStarter Tier System.

There are 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 day lock periods available to choose from as mentioned above. Staked tokens earn rewards. The longer the staking lock, the higher the APY. We are a community project so our priority will always be our community. According to our token plan, a sizable supply of tokens is dedicated to staking rewards. Therefore, APY rates will continue at the highest emission-based level. APY rates may automatically increase/decrease as the number of participants increases or decreases.

Farming $BSR tokens

Providing liquidity on Pancakeswap and yield farming through the BinStarter staking website also qualifies for IDO participation. Those who put liquidity into the BSR/BNB pair through Pancakeswap can stake the tokens they receive from Pancakeswap to earn $BSR in the farming section of BinStarter. Yield farming in BinStarter generates the most returns possible on your asset.


  • If a participant stakes and farms, their total $BSR tokens in the LP and staking pools are counted.

  • Due to government restrictions, residents of the following regions or countries are not able to participate in IDOs on the BinStarter Launchpad: Afghanistan, Albania, Burundi, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Barbados, Botswana, Central African Republic, China, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Cambodia, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Somalia, Serbia, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

How to Purchase New Project Tokens?

IDOs are conducted in a 2 stages; Pool round for guaranteed allocations for $BSR holders and First-Come-First-Served (FCFS). All whitelisted wallets have a 3 hours window to purchase their allocated tokens during the pool round once the IDO starts. All unsold tokens from the Pool round are sold via a second, First-Come-First-Served (FCFS) round.

FCFS round includes 4 rounds which makes the opportunity fairer and more advantageous for BSR Stakers. BSR Stakers receive additional rights like increasing guaranteed allocation with the priority purchasing right during the first 3 rounds. In the 4th round, the sales is open to the public.

1st Round: Up to 50% of the existing allocation - (Duration: 10 minutes) 2nd Round: Up to 100% of the existing allocation - (Duration: 10 minutes) 3rd Round: Up to 200% of the existing allocation - (Duration: 10 minutes) 4th Round: FCFS round open to public - (Duration: 21 hours)

How to Claim IDO Tokens?

Tokens purchased on the BinStarter Launchpad are made available to claim on our Claim dashboard, reachable from “My Allocations” section from BinStarter.io All purchased tokens are locked with smart contracts according to each project’s token vesting schedule. Our claim dashboard is multi-chain, and currently allows claiming tokens from 4 different networks, such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Matic, Avalanche.

BinStarter IDO Launchpad’s Key Feature; Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP)

We have been actively following processes such as ICO and IDO since 2016. As the investor of many projects in the sector, we had the chance to gain important experiences. In this field, we aimed to create a product that securely connects pool formers and liquidity providers with the experience we have gained as a group. BinStarter is the first decentralized structure in the industry to have an insurance protocol.

What is the Extended Insurance Protocol and How Does it Work?

Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP) provides a highly protected environment for both investors and project owners. It is an established next-level specialized insurance protocol that constantly evaluates the performance of the project at TGE and keeps evaluating the price of the token during the entire vesting schedule to safeguard investor’s interest. As a result, project owners gain the confidence from the investors brought by EIP and secure the investment from the BinStarter community.

The main purpose of this protocol is to create a highly-protected environment for both investors and project owners by adding new topics to our current insurance protocol. This recently-developed protocol will function with two different variables.


Let’s take a project IDO and listing that has 25% at the TGE, 25% monthly vesting over 3 months, and 1 USD public sale price as an indication:

In the first scenario;

if the token price can hold the minimum value of 4X for the first 24 hours, the Ex- tended Insurance Protocol doesn’t kicks in and the project qualifies to receive the whole raised funds during IDO after listing event.

Let’s take the same example and apply it for the second scenario;

If the project cannot meet the demanded X4 for the first 24 hours after TGE, the EIP protocol starts functioning and evaluating. If the token price stays lower than the IDO price for 5 consecutive days during the vesting period, BinStarter will return the remaining vested portion to the investors.

Assurance and Low Transaction Fee

BinStarter aims to reduce the risk in the funds collection process to minimum.

For this sake, it has developed an insurance protocol that will lower the risks for users. At the same time, it provides the advantage of making transactions with a very low transaction fee.

Transaction Speed

The BinStarter platform is designed on the Binance Smart Chain network to accelerate high-volume transaction processing.

Referral Program

As a way of giving back for the continued support of our community, we compensate our hardworking members that take extra steps toward our success through our referral program. It is an utmost importance for us to build and nurture long-term relations with our members and provide them with the simple way to share the opportunity to others.

Our community members who invite new users to become active community members at BinStarter will have 2 link options to share with prospect BSR investors. If their prospect investors become real investors at BinStarter and stake their BSR then our users may earn either 1% or 0.5% $BSR according to the link that they have chosen to share with their prospect BSR investors. BinStarter reserves the right to terminate the referral program at any time at its own discretion.

Referral Link Options (Referral links are placed under the “My Profile” tab.)

Option one; If a user chose the first link to share with his/her prospect investor and the prospect investor becomes a real investor and starts the staking process then our user gets 0.5% BSR and the new investor also gets 0.5% BSR as a reward.

Option two; If a user chose the second link to share with his/her prospect investor and the prospect investor becomes a real investor and starts the staking process then only our user gets 1% BSR as a reward.

Important Notes about the “Referral System”

If a prospect investor had already staked BSR in the past, the referral link will be invalid and this user will receive a ”Defined User” status.

If a prospect investor has never staked BSR before, he/she will receive a “Registered User” status for a year, after he/she stakes BSR via the last referral link that has been clicked. The reference owner will be receiving a bonus from all the stakes that the “Registered User” does for the first year.

Bonus ratio will be the same with the first reward ratio from the same investors for all new stakes for the whole year as the ratio depends on the referral link that was shared during the invitation process.

Loyalty Bonus

We also have additional BSR rewards for our long term stakers. Reward is 1/1000 of the minimum BSR staking amount of users existing Tier at the time of distribution. First distribution is done after 150 days in staking for a new user and they continue to receive a loyalty bonus every 150 days till they start the unstake process no matter which Tier they are in.

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