Token Utility ($BSR)

Transaction Fees

The transaction fee is of great importance for vital issues such as project continuity, price stability, and continuity of periodic trade. At this point, the details (levels, awards, incentives, transaction fees) within the project are designed to fully protect these measures.

  • Transaction fee: Currently set at 1%. Transaction fees can be adjusted (0–2%)

Staking for Rewards

Staking rewards will also be distributed in 24-hour cycles. There is also an Early Reward Withdrawal Tax which is 30% if you claim the staking rewards daily basis. The early reward withdrawal tax fee decreases by 1% per day if the reward is not claimed. When rewards are claimed, the early reward withdrawal tax is reset.

Staking for Guaranteed Allocations for IDOs

Tokens must be staked 24 hours before an IDO for a wallet to be whitelisted.

Farming for Higher Rewards

Liquidity providers can claim rewards in $BSR for contributing to the network. Yield farming in BinStarter generates the most returns possible on your asset.

Farming for Guaranteed Allocations for IDOs

Liquidity providers can also qualify for guaranteed allocations from IDOs.

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