Why BSR? Anti-Fraud Insurance Protocol
As in every field, we may encounter malicious projects in this sector for various reasons. As a result of these malicious attempts, people may face problems such as loss of funds and huge value losses.
In the initiatives in the BSR protocol, BSR receipt happens at a rate of 50% of the BUSD value of the fund collected. For the following 30 days, the token value is followed by the algorithms determined by the BSR protocol. If the algorithm detects fraud, this situation is asked to BSR owners (Evaluation Pool) by voting method; if a minimum of 60% yes votes are achieved with the ballots, this protocol steps in and sends BSR to the wallet owners in the amount of IDO.
The “Evaluation Pool” can also activate this protocol, and voting can be initiated for community approval, in which case, if 60% of the yes votes are made, this protocol steps in and sends BSR to the wallet holders in the same amount that the IDO was made.
Why BSR? Anti-Fraud Insurance Protocol
  • Only level 3 and above users can benefit from the insurance protocol.
  • If you have not fulfilled the temporal requirements, you can activate this protocol by
    using the “lock” option from the staking section with the required amount to have a
    level of level 3 or above.
What Happens Insurance After 30 Days?
If the algorithm has not detected a problem within 30 days and a request is not created with the vote of our independent auditors, the protocol is automatically terminated. The amount covered by the insurance is transferred to the determined insurance fund if the fund amount is above the specified amount, 50% of the current BSR is transferred to the burn, 10% to the evaluation repository, 30% to the BSR stake pool, and 10% to the developer pool.